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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Federal Warsaw Incline’s “Rock of Ages” Will Rock You Back to the 80s

Review by Mary Kate Groh of “Rock of Ages”: Incline Theatre If you are in the mood for a lively and exhilarating night of big hair, sexy costumes, and loud music, Federal Warsaw Incline’s “Rock of Ages” is the show to see. Written by American playwright, Chris D’Arienzo, “Rock of Ages” is a hilarious jukebox musical […]

NKU’s “Africa Company Presents: Richard III” Tackles The Thespian Black Experience

Review by Jenifer Moore of ”The African Company Presents: Richard III”: NKU Racism and an ode to African ancestral history take center stage in NKU’s season opener “The African Company Presents: Richard III” by Carlyle Brown. Set in the 1820s in Manhattan, the production fluidly chronicles the lives of African-American artists at the African Grove Company (the country’s first black known theatre group) […]

Hop a Train, Wear a Disguise, and Bring Oxygen: Do Whatever It Takes To Laugh All the Way Down Falcon’s “39 Steps”

Review by Jack Crumley of The 39 Steps: Falcon Theatre The Falcon Theatre in Newport is celebrating its 30th season and it’s kicking things off with a hilarious sendup of one of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thrillers, “The 39 Steps.” I have to admit, my only awareness of “The 39 Steps” is from an old (and brilliant) Sesame Street bit from […]

“Rock of Ages” Rolls into Federal Warsaw Incline Theater

Review by Nathan Top of “Rock of Ages”: Incline Theatre As an American art form, musical theater has been defined and redefined over the years, reflecting the culture and the values of the time at which they are performed, often giving audiences a taste of the “now.” Audiences often do wonder why a story is […]

“The African Company Presents Richard III” is a Present For Audiences

Review by Blair Godshall of “The African Company Presents Richard III”: NKU Theatre NKU Theatre opens their season with “The African Company Presents Richard III” by Carlyle Brown. His play draws upon the history of the first black theater company in the U.S. — the African Grove Company, or the African Company, founded by William Henry Brown […]

Broadway in Cincinnati’s “Come From Away” is a Rollercoaster of Emotions Ending in Joy

Review By Liz Eichler of ”Come From Away”:  Broadway in Cincinnati “Come From Away” is one of the most emotional theatre experiences I’ve had in a long time. From the thunderous standing ovation as it opened in Cincinnati last night, you will feel the same. It is a rollercoaster of emotions for people who have vivid memories of September 11, 2001. From the dive into […]

Broadway in Cincinnati’s “Come From Away” Lands Close To Home

Review by Nathan Top of “Come From Away”: Broadway in Cincinnati I am often skeptical of stories told with 9/11 as their backdrop, primarily because I have my own story of where I was when it took place in 2001. I remember where I was, who I was with, and what I felt at that […]

Broadway in Cincinnati’s “Come From Away” Searches for Comfort in the Most Uncomfortable of Times

Review by Sheldon Polonsky of “Come From Away”: Broadway in Cincinnati Cincinnati’s Broadway Series begins its 2019-20 season with the timely, moving and critically acclaimed musical “Come From Away,” (book, music and lyrics by Irene Sankoff and David Hein) based on events surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when 38 planes and hundreds of travelers were […]