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Monthly Archives: November 2018

“Susan Swayne” Thrusts, Parries, and Scores in Know Theatre’s Latest Production

Review by Willie Caldwell of Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride: Know Theatre Take one-part murder mystery, one-part comedy, add a healthy dose cross dressing, a case of mistaken identity, mix in some flourishing swordplay, and you have Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride at Know Theatre. Written by Reina Hardy, the play centers around […]

Everything is Right in Broadway In Cincinnati’s “Play That Goes Wrong”

Review by Liz Eichler of “The Play That Goes Wrong”: Broadway in Cincinnati If you’re in need of a good chuckle (aren’t we all) imagine 2 hours of sustained belly laughs – that what you find in “The Play That Goes Wrong,” part of the Broadway in Cincinnati series. Recently closed on Broadway, many of […]

Broadway in Cincinnati’s “Play That Goes Wrong” Definitely Goes Right

Review by Spenser Smith of The Play That Goes Wrong: Broadway in Cincinnati At the risk of needing no further review, I must say this is absolutely the funniest play I have ever seen. Bring tissues. The Play That Goes Wrong is a play by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields of Mischief Theatre […]

Know’s “Susan Swayne” Brandishes Corsets and Cutlasses

Review by Sheldon Polonsky of Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride: Know Theatre The Know Theatre summarizes its Thanksgiving offering, Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride, written by Reina Hardy, as “Sherlock Holmes meets Mary Poppins”. That’s as apt a description as I can think of, with the added suggestion of a little “League of […]

CSC’s “Twelfth Night” Shows How the West Was Won

Review by Doug Iden of Twelfth Night: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company I attended a Shakespeare play last night and a Wild West Show broke out. Set against a background of an Old West barroom (designed by Vince Salpietro), the Cincinnati Shakespeare Theater opened its production of Twelfth Night in “rootin’-tootin’” fashion. The gender-bending comedy follows twins […]

Miami University’s “Good Kids” Have a Lot to Say

Review by Shaun Maus of Good Kids: Miami University theatre Something happened to Chloe after that party last Saturday night. Something she says she can’t remember. But it’s all over social media. Everyone has seen it. But who is telling the truth? Whose version of the story do you believe? What does that say about […]

“A Small Fire” Smolders at Falcon Theatre

Review by Laurel Humes of A Small Fire: Falcon Theatre A family’s life unravels in A Small Fire, now at Falcon Theatre. The play literally begins with a small stovetop fire. That’s when Emily discovers she has lost her sense of smell, unable to smell the dishcloth smoldering on the burner. She shrugs it off. […]

CSC’s “Twelfth Night” Features the Good, the Bard, and Nothing Ugly

Review by Sheldon Polonsky of Twelfth Night: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company “Westward Ho!” The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company takes Viola’s quote from Twelfth Night at its word when it envisions one of Shakespeare’s most well-known and beloved comedies in 1850’s San Francisco. CSC has certainly had its share of clever period staging of Shakespeare’s plays, but perhaps […]