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Monthly Archives: October 2018

A Great, Family-Friendly “Oz” is just ‘Soooooomewheeeeeere Ooooover on Glenway’

Review by Jack Crumley of The Wizard of Oz: Covedale Center for the Performing Arts It’s difficult to think of a show that would attract an audience more wide-ranging in age than The Wizard of Oz. Sunday’s matinee at Covedale was a very full house, and I think seniors had the majority. But I can’t […]

Covedale’s “The Wizard of Oz” Gives a Fresh Take on an Old Favorite

Review by Laurel Humes of The Wizard of Oz: Covedale Theatre The Wizard of Oz, again? YES, in a sparkling production at the Covedale Center that appeals to youngsters and oldsters alike. Oz is a classic, of course – the original movie came out in 1939, the stage version in 1987. Children in the Covedale audience […]

NKU Theatre’s “Marisol”: Things Fall Apart

Review by Sheldon Polonsky of Marisol: NKU Theatre NKU Theatre tackles some complex and challenging material in its latest production, Jose Rivera’s Marisol. Marisol in many ways defies easy description, and I left the theatre struggling to put into words what it was I just witnessed—pre-apocalyptic absurdist theatre? A polemic on social justice? Or just performance […]

At NKU’s “Marisol”, Expect The Unexpected. Seriously.

Review by Spenser Smith of Marisol: NKU Marisol (Kearston Hawkins-Johnson) is a copy editor for a Manhattan publisher that lives alone in the Bronx. The action of the play begins with Marisol narrowly escaping an attack on the subway. Marisol’s guardian Angel (Je’Shaun Jackson) informs Marisol that she can no longer protect her because she has […]

Covedale Sends Us Over the Rainbow with “The Wizard of Oz”

Review by Doug Iden of The Wizard of Oz: Covedale Theatre A tornado ripped through Kansas and propelled Dorothy Gale into a magical world as the theatrical version of The Wizard of Oz conveniently landed at the Covedale Theatre.  Based upon the landmark, original Hollywood musical from 1939, this “wizard” faithfully follows the iconic film. […]

Miami University’s Intimate and Personal “Echoes of Miami” is a Gripping Haunt

Review by Sean Maus of Echoes of Miami: Miami University In its season opener, Miami University’s College of Creative Arts has unleashed an emotional, sensationally gripping thriller. The myths, legends, and history of Miami and Oxford literally echo through time in this original concept collection of short plays written by the current and former students […]

Know’s “The Man-Beast” is a Ferocious Tale

Review by Liz Eichler of “The Man-Beast”: Know Theatre The artists and administrators at Know Theatre continually conjure tricks and treats, from gorgeous scenery, powerful and surprising performances, to interesting offerings after the mainstage shows. In Joseph Zettelmaier’s “The Man-Beast” they provide a production of power, love, and betrayal in 18th century France which steeps […]

UC CCM’s “Guys and Dolls” Bets on the Right Numbers

Review by Liz Eichler of “Guys and Dolls”: CCM Musical Theatre UC’s CCM is staging a vibrant, lively version of a Golden Age Musical classic, “Guys and Dolls,” with a talented ensemble, creative team, and amazing orchestra creating quite a few memorable standout numbers.  Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser, Book by Jo Swerling and […]