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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Mack and Mabel and the Movies at CCM

Review by Spenser Smith of Mack and Mabel: CCM Musical Theatre Mack and Mabel, now presented by CCM Musical Theatre, centers on the tumultuous relationship between the silent film director and his muse, respectively. Many conversations happening around me during opening night circled around why this show is so rarely produced. Having known nothing about […]

1960s Housewives Desperate, Not BLISSful in Miami University Production

Review by Ken Stern of BLISS (or, Emily Post is Dead!): Miami University The gods, and their mythologies, do live forever, on stage, in texts, and the creative imagination of playwright Jami Brandli, whose BLISS (or, Emily Post is Dead!) makes its “Premiere Production” at Miami University’s Studio 88 Theatre this week through February 26th. […]

Broadway Series’ Latest Production is Anything But Rotten

Review by Alan Jozwiak of Something Rotten: Broadway in Cincinnati “You’re doing a play, got something to say So you sing it? It’s absurd! Who on earth is going to sit there While an actor breaks into song? What possible thought could the audience think Other than, “this is horribly wrong?” These lines sung by […]

Something Rotten is Ripe with Laughter and Joy

Review by Liz Eichler of Something Rotten: Broadway in Cincinnati One of the best production numbers I have ever seen is in Something Rotten, presented now through March 5 at the Aronoff. Nothing is held back–it is hysterical, opulent, frivolous, completely silly and excellently executed. But there’s not only one show stopping production number, there […]

Broadway in Cincinnati Serves Up Something Rotten with No Holds Bard

Review by Sheldon Polonsky of Something Rotten: Broadway in Cincinnati First, a confession: I came into Something Rotten with a little trepidation, which may seem surprising, since a musical send-up of Shakespeare should be just the ticket for a lover of both musicals and Shakespeare, as I am. Nevertheless, I have seen so many Shakespeare […]

New Edgecliff Returns to the Classics with The Glass Menagerie

Review by Lissa Urriquia Gapultos of The Glass Menagerie: New Edgecliff Theatre New Edgecliff Theatre’s current production The Glass Menagerie is classic Tennessee Williams with bombastic family dynamics and touches of Southern charm and grit. Tyler Gabbard’s set design worked well with the Hoffner Lodge configuration. With the play taking place in the 1930s, the […]

The Rocky Horror Show at the Incline: A Blast From the Past Ensures Its Own Strong Future

Review by Ken Stern of The Rocky Horror Show: Incline Theatre This is how live theatre trumps movies: a show’s Narrator (think Cabaret‘s Emcee) can ask, first “How crazy do you want to get?” and then send the cast’s Sexy Phantoms into the audience to bring nine “virgins” (people who have never seen The Rocky […]

NKU‘s All Shook Up Shakes Up the Elvis Repertoire

Review by Doug Iden of All Shook Up: NKU All Shook Up is the perfect venue for the NKU School of the Arts (SOTA) musical program. The show is loud, energetic, brash, enthusiastic, campy, over-the-top and replete with songs which Elvis Presley made famous including the title song, “Follow That Dream”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Hound Dog”, […]