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Monthly Archives: June 2017

CSC’s Raisin in the Sun‘s Universal Story of Persistence and Hope

Review by Liz Eichler of Raisin in the Sun: Cincinnati Shakespeare Compan Two themes arise from Cincinnati Shakespeare’s fantastic production of Lorraine Hansberry’s classic A Raisin in the Sun, playing now through April 15. The first, is that this play is Hansberry’s answer to poet Langston Hughes question “What happens to a dream deferred?” so […]

CSC’s Raisin in the Sun is Powerful and Nuanced

Review by Doug Iden of Raisin in the Sun: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company The American classic A Raisin in the Sun opens this weekend at the Shakespeare Theater in its second to last production in its current venue. Because of scheduling issues, I saw a preview prior to the official opening this weekend. Raisin is the […]

Know Theatre Presents an Unbearable Heaviness of Being

Review by Ken Stern of Heavier Than…: Know Theatre Thank the gods for Greek mythology and for today’s playwrights that reweave these tales. Jami Brandli brought Apollo and Cassandra to 1960 New Jersey in BLISS (or Emily Post is Dead), produced at Miami University in February. Now, at the Know Theatre, is Steve Yockey’s play […]

Know Spins a Tale of Contrasts in Heavier Than…

Review by Liz Eichler of Heavier Than…: Know Theatre From the moment you walk into Know Theatre’s Heavier Than… you will sense that this story is both minimalist and full, simple but rich, pure but tainted, and it will make you to realize perception and reality are often opposites. Heavier Than… is written by Steve […]

Covedale‘s Leading Ladies Avoids Brute Farce

Review by Doug Iden of Leading Ladies: Covedale Theatre What’s not to like about a bedroom farce. Where else would you find a recipe of pratfalls, mistaken identities, malaprops, misunderstandings. men dressed as unattractive women, rapid-fire dialogue, labyrinthine plots and silly hilarity. All of these incongruous ingredients are in the mix at the Covedale Theater’s […]

Leading Ladies: Go Big or Go Home

Review by Jack Crumley of Leading Ladies: Covedale Center for the Performing Arts Following the thoughtful intensity of Doubt, A Parable, the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts presents a considerable change of pace for March and early April in Leading Ladies: Ken Ludwig’s 2004 farce about… well… men who pretend to be women for […]

CCM‘s Mack and Mabel Star Turn for Mabel

Review by Liz Eichler of Mack and Mabel: CCM Occasionally in theatre and film, someone will appear and everything else pales in comparison. That is Emily Celeste Fink, who effortlessly commands the CCM stage as Mabel Normand in Mack and Mabel, playing only through March 5 at CCM’s Corbett Auditorium. Mack and Mabel is a […]

Go See This Wide Night at Clifton for Masterful Performances

Review by Liz Eichler of This Wide Night: Clifton Performance Theatre When you go to This Wide Night, now playing at Clifton Performance Theatre, you will see two of Cincinnati’s most talented performers, inhabiting their characters so completely—all the way down to their toes. Not only that, but you will be about 6 feet away […]