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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Covedale Blends Broadway and Celtic Magic in “Brigadoon”

Check out this wonderful video Sneak Peek of Covedale‘s upcoming Brigadoon by our newest contributor, Laura Petracco: Brigadoon is playing at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, April 28th-May 22nd. Tickets may be obtained at their website,

Miami University Takes Japanese Puppetry to Another Level in “The Long Christmas Ride Home”

Check out these video Sneak Peeks of “The Long Christmas Ride Home” by contributor Shawn Maus, posted on Miami’s website:

Falcon’s Upcoming “Next Fall” Tackles Today’s Topical Issues

Sneak Peek of by Laurel Humes of Next Fall: Falcon Theatre Luke and Adam are in a committed, five-year relationship in Next Fall, opening at Falcon Theater May 6. Luke is 12 years younger than Adam, but that is not their biggest difference: Luke is devoutly religious and Adam is an atheist. Further, Luke’s parents […]

Know Theatre To Light Up the “Silent Sky”

Sneak Peek by Grace Eichler of Silent Sky: Know Theatre Know Theatre of Cincinnati’s season continues, and the theme of examining the “often overlooked” seems to prevail, with Silent Sky, directed by Tamara Winters. Silent Sky retells the true story of Henrietta Swan Leavitt, a “human computer” hired by the Harvard Observatory to perform complex calculations for […]

Selling is Life, An Art that Can’t be Imitated: Cast Reflections on Preparing for “Glengarry Glen Ross”

Sneak Peek by Kenneth Stern of Glengarry Glen Ross: Incline Theatre How does an actor prepare for his role when the story is despairing and everyone in the cast is wrung out, stuck, and success lies in being brutal and a con? Glengarry Glen Ross, playing at the Incline Theatre through April 24th, is a […]

New Edgecliff Returns with “The Shape of Things”

New Edgecliff Returns with The Shape of Things Sneak Peek by Abby Rowold of The Shape of Things: New Edgecliff Theatre Cincinnati theatregoers should be eagerly awaiting New Edgecliff Theatre’s next production, The Shape of Things. New Edgecliff has been using local talent in its powerful productions since 1998. Last fall’s Frankie and Johnny at […]

The Melting Pot that Melded: “Street Scene’s” Creative Collaborators

Contributor Kenneth Stern discusses the history and contributors to Kurt Weill’s Street Scene, to be performed by Miami University’s theatre and voice department April 7th-9th. For more on the production itself and an interview with producer Benjamin Smolder, see the following post.  First, Street Scene was an original and a success in its 1929 Broadway birth, […]

Miami Opera Performs “Street Scene”: An American Classic Current Today

Sneak Peek by Kenneth Stern of Street Scene: Miami University It is not every day, or theatrical season, that Street Scene, an American opera (as composer Kurt Weill termed it) is produced, either professionally or on campus. Make your reservations and go to Oxford, where it is being performed by Miami University’ s award winning […]