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They Got This! NKU’s Disney’s “Freaky Friday”

Review by Liz Eichler of “Freaky Friday”: NKU Theatre OMG! (Is that still a thing?) #greatjob #NKUSOTA #mustsee theatre Grab your kids or your mom and head on over to Northern Kentucky University’s “Disney’s Freaky Friday a new Musical.” Playing through Sunday, Nov. 24, it is just the medicine everyone needs to build empathy between […]

The Vows, the Hunt, the Story: NKU’s Stunning Ensemble is the Star of Regional Premiere of Disney’s “Freaky Friday”

Review by David Brush of “Freaky Friday”: NKU Theatre If there is a list of commonly employed theatre tropes that resurface again and again, mistaken identities would certainly top that list. Since Shakespeare, the device goes like this – characters are mistaken for each other, chaos and hilarity ensue, characters reconnect with newly learned lessons […]

CSC’s “Merry Wives of Windsor”: Shakes in the City

Review by Sheldon Polonsky of “The Merry Wives of Windsor”: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Brian Isaac Phillips, director of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company‘s latest production, concluded his opening introduction with the suggestion William Shakespeare essentially invented the modern sitcom. CSC’s over-the-top “The Merry Wives of Windsor” takes that conceit and runs with it, with a fun-loving […]

“Urinetown: The Musical”: See It To PEE-lieve It”

Review by Blair Godshall of ‘Urinetown: The Musical”: American Legacy Theatre/Thomas Moore University Villa Players The American Legacy Theatre and Thomas Moore University’s co-production “Urinetown, the Musical,” opened Thursday night. So what does an audience member think about a show whose title can be so repellant it’s a running joke throughout the play? This comedy-musical-parody-satire […]

CCM’s “The Rocky Horror Show” Thrills, Chills, and Fulfills

Review of by Nathan Top of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”: CCM Musical Theatre As UC College Conservatory of Music‘s current musical, “The Rocky Horror Show”, began, I noticed across the way four empty front-row seats in an otherwise sold-out theater. During the production, I came to realize that the individuals who were assigned such seats […]

The Carnegie Explores Life, Loss, and Legacy in Dramatic Fashion with David Auburn’s “Proof”

Review by Jenifer Moore  of “Proof”: Carnegie Theatre We are our parents’ children, but we aren’t them. Or are we?  I found myself pondering this very question while traveling through the trifecta of life, loss, and legacy with the phenomenal cast and crew at The Carnegie’s adaptation of David Auburn’s “Proof”, now showing as a part of the 2019-2020 […]

Hang Onto Your Fishnets! CCM’s Spirited “ROCKY HORROR” Will Drive You Insane!

Review by Liz Eichler of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”: CCM Musical theatre The bare-stage setting of “an abandoned movie theatre in Denton, Ohio on Halloween” is genius. As a group of young people start exploring and joking around the broken-down marquee, the old movie Phantoms reach out and transport them into another world. A theatre’s […]

Do the Math and Take in Carnegie’s Proof

Review by Jack Crumley of “Proof”: Carnegie Theatre The flow of stories from The Carnegiein Covington is going from the all-out rock-out of summer’s “American Idiot”to a thoughtful, award-winning show this autumn with “Proof.” The play from David Auburn developed in New Jersey, and was a Broadway production by about this time in the year 2000. […]