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Covedale’s “Annie” is a Great Present for Christmas

Review by Doug Iden of Annie: Covedale Theatre The perennial holiday favorite Annie opened triumphantly at the Covedale Theatre as part of the Cincinnati Landmark Productions Marquee Season.  This unabashedly optimistic and up-lifting musical (some might say corny) tells the story of an eleven year old girl stuck in a prison-like orphanage while desperately trying […]

Don’t Wait Until “Tomorrow” to See Covedale’s “Annie”

Review by Jack Crumley of Annie: Covedale Theatre It’s Christmas, and Covedale is getting in the spirit with the Tony award-winning Annie: the story of an orphan girl whose boundless optimism helps her find happiness. Based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strips, Annie opened on Broadway in 1977 and won the Tony for Best […]

There’s No Place Like Know’s “Neverwhere”

Review by Liz Eichler of Neverwhere: Know Theatre Know Theatre’s Neverwhere is an epic fish-out-of-water story, except the fish is a man and the water is London.  It is an entertaining pastiche of characters and connivers, certain to draw in and satisfy fans of British Sci-Fi and any fantasy genre. Based on a British mini-series […]

Falcon Theatre Tests the Limits of “Poor Behavior”

Review by Alan Jozwiak of Poor Behavior: Falcon Theatre “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Ben Franklin’s quote did not take into account the extreme behavior depicted in Falcon Theatre’s latest production Poor Behavior.  Franklin would have changed the quote to make guests smell after a single day. A single day is […]

Take Some Time off for “Poor Behavior” at the Falcon

Review by Laurel Humes of Poor Behavior: Falcon Theatre “Poor behavior” doesn’t even come close to describing the antics of the two married couples in Falcon Theatre’s current skillful production of the Theresa Rebeck play. The tense, edgy Poor Behavior brings the friends together for a weekend getaway. As the show opens, though, there is […]

CSC’s “Tom Sawyer” is a Playful Play

Review by Doug Iden of Tom Sawyer: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Mark Twain and Shakespeare?  Seems a little incongruous but this delightful production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company theater bridges the gap.  I half expected a line such as: “Get thee thy brush and paint yonder fence”.  But, alas, there […]

CSC’s “Tom Sawyer” is an Adventure to Lift Your Spirits

Review by Liz Eichler of Tom Sawyer: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is the history of a playful boy and his friends, certain to lift your spirits on these dark fall days. Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s production is visually appealing, and picks out some of the best parts of Mark Twain’s classic. It […]

Finding the Story Behind the Story of Peter Pan in Broadway in Cincinnati’s “Finding Neverland”

Review by  Alan Jozwiak of Finding Neverland: Broadway in Cincinnati A boy who could fly.  A pirate with a hook for a hand.  A fairy who can fly. Mermaids in the sea, and more. This improbable set of plot elements is part of one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time–J.M. Barrie’s Peter […]