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Human Race Theatre Company’s “Sylvia” is a Very Good Girl

Review by Liz Eichler of “Sylvia”: Human Race Theatre Spoiler alert! No, I’m not going to give you the end of the play, but I am disclosing that I am a spoiler of my dog. I am a talker, a cajoler, a pick-up-and-carry-down-the-steps-and-put-in-the-grass-to-pee-because-she’s-too-tired dog mom.  I am the Food Lady, not to be confused with the Tall Girl, Walking Man, […]

CCM’s “Association of Controlled Dreamers” Shows the Power of Action

Review by Doug Iden of “The Association of Controlled Dreamers”: CCM Acting What can a group of college students do to counteract a potential law that would jeopardize public education?  In a commissioned play torn from today’s headlines, CCM addresses that question in the premiere of “The Association of Controlled Dreamers” at the Cohen Family Theater. […]

Miami’s “Bat Boy” is Something You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Review by Shawn Maus of “Bat Boy: The Musical”: Miami Theatre What can only be categorized as a Bacchanalian merciless ribbing of today’s hyper-sensitive, quick to judge culture in the world of social “media, Miami University’s “Bat Boy: The Musical” is a laugh-out-loud tour de force.  Even though it was written over 20 years ago, the musical reflects a lot of what’s […]

“Bat Boy” Discovered on Miami Theatre Stage!

Review by Kevin Reynolds of ‘Bat Boy: The Musical”: Miami Theatre It’s not breaking news that there are some unusual or unexpected inspirations for Broadway (or wanna be Broadway) musicals. I give you a Stephen King horror story (“Carrie”), the banning of public toilets (“Urinetown”), even the first Treasurer of the United States (really? You […]


Review by Kevin Reynolds of “Association of Controlled Dreamers”: CCM Acting For the past three years, UC’s College-Conservatory of Music has hosted a Playwrights’ Workshop where, among other projects, the attendees develop a commissioned play from a guest playwright. The most recent of those plays is “Association of Controlled Dreamers” by one of the staff writers […]

After Know’s “Mercury”, You’ll Never Look At Your Neighbors The Same Way Again!

Review by Spenser Smith of “Mercury”: Know Theatre If I had to describe the Know Theatre‘s “Mercury” in one sentence it would go a little something like this: Meddling desperate housewives, with a little help from a punk rock Sanderson sister, send their enemies to hell to meet Sweeney Todd. I hope you’re intrigued. The […]

Shakespeare’s Scottish play Brings Violent Delights to Cincy Shakes’ 25th Anniversary Season

Review by Willie Caldwell of “Macbeth”: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Part supernatural fable, part horror flick, “Macbeth” delivers blood, guts, and gore in Cincinnati Shakespeare’snewest production. One of the Bard’s more famous tragedies, Macbeth is a play about dark ambition. More so, it’s an exploration of blood, guilt, and the fragility of the human psyche. The play […]

How Can You Say No? This April, Shuffle Off to Cove-da-le for “42nd Street”

Review by Jack Crumley of “42nd Street”: Covedale It’s not hard to understand why musicals during The Great Depression were such a thing. It was a chance for audiences to forget about their problems for awhile, get some jokes, maybe some commentary on current society, and be left with a couple catchy tunes in their […]