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Outside It Is Winter, But in NKU’s Corbett Theatre, “Cabaret” is So Hot, *woo*!

Review by Jack Crumley of Cabaret: NKU Theatre An ice storm and polar vortex hit the Cincinnati area two weeks ago. Temperatures were around 60 last week. Now it’s cold again, but Northern Kentucky University’s production of Cabaret is a Valentine that’ll keep audiences warm for the next few days. Cabaret tells the story of […]

In CCM’s “Our Country’s Good”, a Dream Has Lost Its Way

Review by Alan Jozwiak of Our Country’s Good: CCM Acting This is a dream which has lost its way. Best to leave it alone. These lines, spoken by an Australian Aborigine (Jabari Carter) on seeing the arrival of the first British ship coming to the shores of Australia, beautifully sums up the helplessness and hopefulness that […]

In CCM’s “Our Country’s Good”, Redcoat is the New Black

Review by Sheldon Polonsky of Our Country’s Good: CCM Acting For its winter Main Stage production, CCM Acting has taken on Timberlake Wertenbaker’s challenging historical dramedy, Our Country’s Good. Set in Australia’s first penal colony in the 1780’s, Wertenbaker’s play is long, complex and filled with difficult dialogue and profound thematic elements. Although I have […]

Covedale’s “Almost Heaven” Will Give Uou a “Rocky Mountain High”

Review by Doug Iden of ‘Almost Heaven”: Covedale Theatre “Sunshine on my Shoulders Makes Me Happy” is one of the most popular songs written by John Denver and, in his words, best sums up the production Almost Heavennow showing at the Covedale Theater.  If you like John Denver, you will like this show.  If you don’t like John […]

Covedale Honors the Memory of John Denver with “Almost Heaven”

Review by Laurel Humes of “Almost Heaven”: Covedale Theatre John Denver fans, here’s your show: “Almost Heaven” at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts. Nearly 30 of Denver’s songs, which he wrote and/or sang, are performed by a great 7-person company of vocalists and 6-piece band. The songs span a career that started in […]

Right This Way to “Cabaret” at NKU

Review by Kevin Reynolds of “Cabaret”: NKU Theatre On a Valentine’s Day evening, what good is sitting alone in your room? While it will never appear on a list of “most romantic musicals,” the current production of “Cabaret” at Northern Kentucky University‘s School of the Arts certainly evokes plenty of other emotions. Director Brian Robertson […]

We’re Butter Together: A Review of American Legacy Theatre’s Production of “Spinning into Butter”

Review by Alan Jozwiak of Spinning Into Butter: American Legacy Theatre (Note: this is a new and updated review of my previous review–the first review was with the understudy cast and this is a second viewing.) Racially motivated hate crimes are becoming all too common on college campuses.  In 2017, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported close to […]

American Legacy Theatre’s “Spinning in Butter” Highlights Its Unique Mission

Cincinnati’s newest entry into the theatre scene, the American Legacy Theatre, presents a powerful and personal scrutiny of racism on campus with its latest production, Spinning in Butter. The driving force of the new American Legacy Theatre (A.L.T.) is to change the nature of the theatrical experience. The brainchild of  Matthew David Gellin, a local actor-director who has […]