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Don’t let this Parade Pass You By! “Hello, Dolly!” wows at the Aronoff!

 Review by Christiana Molldrem Harkulich of “Hello, Dolly!” Broadway in Cincinnati “Pudding!” Just as Cornelius signals Barnaby with the word when he’s sure they are having an adventure, I am signaling you that I’ve been on a theatrical adventure this evening at the Aronoff Center for the revival of “Hello, Dolly”! Broadway Cincinnati presented this […]

Catch “Hello, Dolly!” at The Aronoff ‘Before the Parade Passes By’

Review by John Woll Of “Hello, Dolly!”: Broadway in Cincinnati “Hello Dolly!“ is the 1964 Jerry Herman musical adaptation of Thorton Wilder’s The Matchmaker. The show harkens to the golden age of musical theater. The original Broadway production won a record-breaking 10 Tony Awards. Dolly Gallagher Levi is a strong-willed and meddling matchmaker (amongst many other talents) […]

Marjorie Prime at Falcon: How will Tech Influence our Family Relationships in the Future?

Review By Liz Eichler Of “Marjorie Prime”: Falcoln Theater This Holiday season, I am thankful for all of the theatres in Cincinnati, both big and small, who help us laugh, cry, think or learn something new. The places where we like to gather in groups or couples and connect with what makes us human. Falcon Theatre, one of Greater Cincinnati’s wonderful intimate theatres, […]

In Bocca Performance’s “Like Demons” is Not Your Dad’s History Play

Review by Blair Godshall  of “Like Demons”: In Bocca Performance We’ve all seen historical plays (likely written for museums or schools who still teach using a VHS) and we’ve thought to ourselves “this is an old story.” When we hear “American Civil War” we may only envision Confederate, slave owning soldiers fighting against Abraham Lincoln and the Union; but that may be […]

Miami University: SHE KILLS MONSTERS is a Well-Designed Quest

Review by Liz Eichler of “She Kills Monsters”: Miami University Theatre Miami University Department of Theatre selected a great production for college students to sink their teeth into, and they deliver high skills in a well-designed and executed production. Set in 1995 “in a time before FaceBook,” “She Kills Monsters” was written in 2012 by […]

Magic Abounds at Miami University’s “She Kills Monsters”

Review by Nathan Top of “She Kills Monsters”: Miami University Theatre Snappily written by Qui Nguyen and directed by Bridget Leak, “She Kills Monsters” takes place between two different worlds: Mid-nineties Ohio and a fantasy Dungeons and Dragons campaign created by the protagonist’s sister, Tilly.  Following her sister’s death, Agnes the Average and Ordinary stumbles […]

Falcon’s “Marjorie Prime” is Thoughtful, Futuristic Tale

Review by Laurel Humes of “Marjorie Prime”: Know Theatre Falcon’s  “Marjorie Prime” is a fine, thought-provoking production, as the Newport theater continues its 30th anniversary season. The play by Jordan Harrison was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2015. I have seen it labeled as science fiction (the time is about 2060), but this is a family drama that resonates in any time period. Marjorie […]

PUFFS at Know Theatre: Best. Comical. Holiday. Show. Ever.*

Review by Liz Eichler Of “Puffs”: Know Theatre If you grew up with Harry Potter (I’m talking to you Gens X, Y, and Z and your parents!) then “Puffs” at Know Theatre is a MUST SEE! The full title of the play is “PUFFS or seven increasingly eventful years at a certain school of magic and […]